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Antique Perfume Atomizers (Item Nos. 1-20)
Vintage Atomizer ID AM1D

Hailing from Czechoslovakia this vintage lady dates from the 1920's.

This stunning perfume atomizer is a rich shade of Cobalt Blue,with Gold bands encircling the middle and the base of the perfume bottle. Adding to the design there are hand-applied enamelled decorations. The gold metal collar is impressed with "Czechoslovakia" This elegant vintage perfume atomizer would be an asset to any collection of vintage Czechoslovakian perfume bottles. ID=AM1C

Vintage Atomizer ID AM2A
This ANTIQUE perfume atomizer stands 7" tall. It is opaque Yellow with Gold decorations. This atomizer is completely original and is in great condition. It was produced by a DeVilbiss competitor in the 1920's. ID=AM2A
Vintage Atomizer ID AM3C
The elegant antique perfume atomizer stands 5 1/2" tall. It is comprised of Gold embossed metal. Mounted on the sides of the bottle are three evenly spaced garlands with a mounted Red jewel. In between the garlands sits there is an additional Red Jewel. It is in excellent condition. Although this elegant perfume atomizer is unsigned, I would say that it would be a product of one of the following makers: Empire Art Company, Apollo Studios or Silvercraft. It is exceptional... ID=AM3C
Vintage Atomizer ID AM4D

This unusual DeVilbiss perfume atomizer stands 6 1/2" tall. Pale Pink in color, with etched decorations consisting of frosted spheres with etched lines intersecting them. It reminds me of Olives on a Pick, Martini Time!

In excellent condition, this VINTAGE Art Deco inspired perfume atomizer would look fantastic on your dresser tray.


Vintage Atomizer ID AM5A

This ELEGANT perfume atomizer stands 7" tall and screams ART DECO! The glass is Black and is decorated with Gold bands encircling the bottle. In keeping with the theme, the footed base has a Gold border. This 1920's perfume bottle is in excellent condition, and would be an asset to any collection of fine ART DECO glass. ID=AM5A

Vintage Atomizer  ID AM6E

This gorgeous DeVilbiss perfume atomizer is from my personal collection.

During the Roaring Twenties DeVilbiss was a leader in the perfume atomizer industry in the United States. They offered the most innovative and beautiful perfume atomizers available. This stunning Cranberry colored flashed glass, decorated with Rotten Gold was one of the most outstanding atomizers they offered for sale. Standing 7 1/2" tall the flowing lines of the bottle are so elegant. This perfume atomizer is in excellent original condition and would be a prize for any collection of fine antique perfume bottles. ID=AM6F

Vintage Atomizer ID AM124
This PINK DeVilbiss perfume set is from my personal collection. The bottles are Pink with Gold dots and lines as their decorations. The perfume atomizer is 6 1/2" tall and retains the original siphon, ball and cord. The perfumer is 6 1/4"tall, the stopper has an Opaque Pink top, the glass dauber, and is without damage.

This vintage perfume set is so glamorous! It would be gorgeous addition to your collection.


Vintage Atomizer ID AM7B
Do you love jeweled perfume bottles? If so, this antique perfume atomizer should be yours! Standing 6" tall it is comprised of Gold colored metal. The metal is beautifully embossed and has four plaques with prong set Red jewels mounted on it. Near the top of the bottle is a circular band with Red prong set jewels. Just imagine applying your favorite fragrance with this elegant perfume atomizer. ID=AM7B $375.00
Vintage Atomizer ID AM4B
This Vintage CZECH perfume atomizer stands 7 5/8" tall. It is frosted satin glass beautifully hand decorated with Black enameled borders and Black swirl-like designs, accented with Red Enamel. This UNUSUAL perfume atomizer is marked twice "Made in Czechoslovakia", stamped on the metal collar and acid etched on the base. This gorgeous atomizer is a statement piece. ID=AM8C
Vintage Atomizer  ID AM9B

This unusual 1920's perfume atomizer stands 8 5/8" in height. The gold metal body is embossed with a mass of very tiny detailed flowers, perhaps they are Pansies. There are bands of filigree mounted on the base and middle of the bottle with bezeled set faceted glass jewels. On the front of the bottle is a raised Art Noveau inspired fligree plaque with a bezeled set glass stone above and below it. Encircling the neck of the bottle is another band of filigree. The glass vial to hold your fragrance is present, although it has damage.This is an easy repair. Under the base of the bottle is, gauranteed Gold Plate. This Roaring Twenties era perfume atomizer would be a treasure for any collection of antique perfume bottles or a lovely addition to your vanity tray. ID=AM10C

Vintage Atomizer ID AM11B
This 1920's perfume atomizer stands 7 3/4" tall. The body is BLUE in color, and has wheel cut floral decorations accented with 24KT Gold. It sits on a footed stem which has a ribbon like design winding up to meet the body. The base has a paper label which reads, "Guaranteed 22KT plated and decorated" - I This unique Volupte perfume bottle is in fabulous condition, and would be gorgeous in your Curio cabinet. ID=AM11B
Vintage Atomizer ID AM13A
This DeVilbiss perfume atomizer stands 5" tall. It is frosted glass with Blue and Green hand-painted flowers. The hardware is marked "DeVilbiss."This antique perfume atomizer is completely original with the exception of the ball, which has been replaced. It would make a nice addition to your DeVilbiss perfume bottle collection. ID=AM13A


Vintage Atomizer ID AM14
This BLACK and GOLD perfume set is from an estate in Virginia City, NV. The atomizer stands 5 3/4" tall, the perfumer is 5 1/2" tall. The bottles have a wide stripe on the body with thinner stripes above and below it. There is another wide stripe near the base of each bottle. The hardware is original, the ball and cord have been replaced. The only flaw that I see is a small dent near the top of the collar on the atomizer. Maker unknown. These atomizer sets are becoming very hard to find. ID=AM14 $345.00
Vintage Atomizer ID AM17D

This ART DECO inspired DeVilbiss atomizer will take your breath away.

Art Deco all the way, this 1920's perfume atomizer features stylized Black Dragonflies. Standing 6 1/2" tall, this stunning perfume is in excellent condition and is completely original. It would be an asset to your collection of DeVilbiss perfume bottles. ID=AM17D

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