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Other Perfume Bottles (Item Nos. 1 - 50)
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT1B
This vintage perfume bottle stands 8" tall. Gold metal with what looks like petals or beads encircling the bottle, the stopper features flowers and leaves. It is in excellent condition with the dauber and finish intact. I believe that it was manufactured by Stylebuilt, or Matson. My photos do not do it justice. ID=OT1B $95.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT2C
What a fabulous find! I recently purchased an awesome collection of perfume bottles from an estate in Virginia City, Nevada, home of the Silver Rush. This is a Salts bottle. Measuring 2 1/4' tall, it is Emerald Green in color, encased in Sterling Silver. The Cartouche on the front has not been monogrammed, which is quite unusual. You can have it engraved with your initials or a special "love note". ID=OT2C
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT3C
Several months ago I was fortunate to purchase a collection of perfume bottles from the estate of a Las Vegas showgirl. This fabulous perfume bottle was a gift from one of her admirers. Standing a stately 9 1/2" tall and is 71/4" wide at the widest point, it features prong set beveled glass windows on the front and back of the bottle. When you look inside the windows you will see a bouquet resting on the bottom. On each side, framing the glass is a mass of gilt flowers and leaves forming massive scrolls. In excellent condition, the fabulous perfume bottle is drop dead gorgeous, just what this lady deserved. ID=OT3C $325.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT4a
This Victorian perfume bottle stands 6 3/4" tall. It is Ruby glass and features Gold and White enamel decorations. The stopper is Ruby cut to clear. Although it fits well, I am not certain if it is original. I believe it to be Bohemian glass.This antique perfume bottle is in very good condition and would be an asset to any antique bottle collection. ID=OT4A $185.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT5E

Gunderson-Pairpoint at its finest.

This gorgeous Art Glass perfume bottle stands 4 3/4" in height. The substantial glass base is Clear with bands of Blue as accents. The stopper is huge and magnificent. The flower petals are very detailed. This vintage perfume bottle is very heavy for its size, and is in excellent condition. It would be a prize for any fine collection of Art Glass or antique perfume bottles. ID=OT5E
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT9B
Fenton lovers, here's a new one for you. This cologne stands 7 1/8" tall, and is frosted opaque White glass with a clear frosted ruffle encircling the neck of the bottle. This bottle features hand decorated Roses and leaves with lots of detailed Gold decorations. There is a sticker on the bottom of the bottle, Charleton, hand decorated, and #1092. ID=OT9B $145.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT10A
This FABULOUS, and extremely rare perfume bottle will not last long on my website. Once the star of my collection, it is time to pass her on to a new collector.

Standing a stately 8" tall, this lady is over the top gorgeous. On each side of the bottle, there is a porcelain plaque with a different courting scene, mounted on the gold filigree body. The footed base has four 2 1/4" Cherub figures serving as the legs. The top and the base of the bottle are comprised of intricately designed gold metal filigree. The glass vessel to hold your favorite scent remains, as does the glass dauber for scent application. This exquisite perfume bottle is going to put a smile on the face of some lucky collector, every time she admires this ornate beauty. ID=OT10A
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT13B
This Ornate Apollo perfume bottle stands 7 7/8" tall. Mounted on the front of the Gold filigree bottle is a guilloche plaque featuring Pink roses. The filigree work on this bottle is very detailed which is common with Apollo perfume bottles and vanity accessories. This vintage 1920's bottle is in excellent condition, and is signed, Apollo. It would be a fabulous addition for your perfume collection, or vanity tray. ID=OT13B $235.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT16B
We are offering another mid century perfume bottle for sale. This gorgeous perfume bottle stands 9 1/4" tall. The theme of this bottle is Gilded Roses. There is a prong set beveled glass panel on the front and back of the bottle allowing you to see a mass of Roses on the inside of the bottle. The stopper is a mass of Roses, held in place by the collar of the bottle which features more Roses. In excellent condition, and ready for you to use to apply your favorite fragrance. This vintage perfume bottle is a show stopper! ID=OT16B $255.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT17B
This Victorian era perfume bottle stands 6 3/8" tall. This unusual perfume bottle is what is known as "pigeon's blood", or Ruby glass. The color is a deep Red and has hand- applied enameled decorations in White with Gold accents. The pontil mark is present. The only flaw that I can find is a small flat sliver located on the side of the top of the stopper, which has been painted with the same design as the rest of the stopper. I am not sure if this happened when it was manufactured, and don't feel that it detracts from this beautiful bottle, however, I am mentioning it for the sake of accuracy. ID=OT17B $295.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT18A

This gorgeous art glass perfume bottle was made by the Gunderson-Pairpoint Glassworks company in the 1940's - They are known for their elaborate designs, and heavy high lead content glass.

This vintage perfume bottle stands just under 6" in height. It is comprised of clear crystal with cranberry colored swirls encircling the base of the perfume bottle. The stopper is a stylized flower blossom, with four cranberry colored petals and a clear center. Hand-made with a ground to fit stopper, this highly sought after Gunderson-Pairpoint perfume bottle is in excellent condition. ID=OT18A
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT19A
This elegant lady stands 8.5" in height. This footed perfume bottle is a mass of filigree. On the front of the bottle there is a single applied Gold Rose. On each side of the Rose there are mounted plaques with ten Roses. Encircling the sides of the bottle there are applied decorations of Gold beads. To top it off there is the fabulous filigree stopper with a prong set guilloche plaque, with a bouquet of Roses. Unmarked, I believe this perfume bottle was produced by The Apollo Company based in NY in the 1920's. ID=OT19A (M)
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT21
The primary colors used on this unusual French perfume bottle are Cobalt Blue and White. It stands 5 1/4" tall and is made of porcelain. It has three white panels, each has a yellow flower with leaves trailing down the sides to the base. The top and metal collar are brass. On the collar it is stamped “Made In France”. The base of this perfume bottle is signed in green, H D with an anchor separating the letters and BOULOGNE.SER.MER within a circle. Under the circle it says “Made In France” once more. I have not seen another perfume bottle like this one. ID=OT21 $115.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT22C
I was fortunate to buy a collection with Gunderson-Pairpoint perfume bottles in the collection. Standing just under six inches tall, this perfume bottle is hand-made and comprised of crystal. The stopper looks like a fantasy flower with twelve petals. The base of the bottle is what is known as controlled bubbles. This is a quality bottle, produced by Gunderson Pairpoint Glassworks Company in the USA in the 1940's. ID=OT22C $200.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT23A
This GORGEOUS perfume bottle measures 6 1/2" in height. It comprised of Clear Crystal and sparkles like diamonds under the lights in my display cabinet. The stopper features round spheres that are held between two very life-like leaves. The base has a swirl design which encircles the bottle. This hand-made perfume bottle is in excellent condition, with a ground to fit stopper, it was produced by Gunderson Pairpoint Glassworks. These art glass perfume bottles are very desirable, and are becoming difficult to acquire. My pictures do not begin to do this bottle justice and will be replaced soon. ID=OT23A $195.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT26B

This vintage perfume stands 6 3/4" tall. The entire bottle is a mass of very detailed gold filigree. On the front center of the bottle is an Ivory guilloche plaque adorned with flowers. The base of the bottle has a glass vial to hold your favorite fragrance. The filigree dauber has a glass dauber for application. This perfume bottle looks as if it is of French origin, however it is possible that it was produced by Apollo. A beautiful, and very delicate perfume bottle for any collection of fine perfume bottles. ID=OT26B

Other Perfume Bottle ID OT27a
Beautiful and Unusual - This combination figural perfume and powder jar stands 5 3/4" tall. It features a maiden in period attire holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and her fan in the other. The bouquet has a CROWNTOP perfume stopper. The base of the powder jar has beading in relief and has incised numbers and a mark which I believe was from the Sitzendorf factory in Germany. This is a very pretty piece, in excellent condition. ID=OT27A $175.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT28A
This French inspired vintage perfume bottle stands 4 1/2" tall. The bottle is clear, with a bud shaped stopper with a long glass dauber. The bottle sits in a gilded frame with a basket with flowers spilling over the sides on the front and back of the bottle. There are bows and swags, as well. The perfume bottle is a treasure for your collection. ID=OT28A $75.00
Other Perfume Bottle ID OT30
What a beauty… This is a fine example of the beauty of VICTORIAN perfume bottles. It stands 9 7/8" tall and is a gorgeous Pink satin glass. It has a pontil mark on the base and the number 104. The body of the perfume bottle has enameled flowers, buds and leaves. The stopper has a ruffled top. The only flaw that I see is on the inside of the hollow stopper. There is an oval mark where it looks as if a bubble might have popped during the manufacturing process. There is some gold loss; however, it does not detract from the beauty of this elegant antique perfume bottle. ID=OT30 $185.00
Perfume Bottle ID OT35
This ORNATE Stylebuilt perfume bottle stands 10 1/4" tall. It has three oval beveled glass prong set panels surrounding the bottle. Inside this vintage bottle is a cherub figure, complete with wings and a ribbon. This bottle retains the original vial to hold your perfume as well as the dauber for application of your favorite perfume. This gorgeous perfume bottle is in excellent condition and would be a wonderful addition to your Stylebuilt perfume bottle collection. ID=OT35 $185.00
Perfume Bottle ID OT46
This DEPRESSION ERA vanity set is frosted glass with a pretty hand painted design. This vintage set is in very nice condition with the only flaw being some paint loss on the perfume bottle. The perfume bottle stands 5 3/4" tall and retains it's dauber. The matching powder is 4 1/4" tall and 3 5/8" across. ID=OT46 $85.00
Perfume Bottle ID OT49
This antique PORCELAIN perfume bottle stands 4 1/8" tall. It is pale yellow lustreware with an applied bouquet of Roses and leaves as its decoration. The stopper is an open rose with a cork and a dauber to apply your perfume. This is an old German perfume bottle in very good condition.(m) ID=OT49 $65.00
Perfume Bottle ID OT50B
This charming vanity set consists of a Crystal perfume atomizer and a matching Cologne bottle. This set is beautifully detailed, with flowers and fan like designs encircling both of the bottles. The bottles measure, 6.5" in height for the cologne bottle, and 4.5" in height for the perfume atomizer. They are both approximately 5.5" across. I believe that this set was imported from Germany and dates from the 1940's. This set would be gorgeous filled with your favorite fragrance in your vanity area. ID=OT50 $135.00
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